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First Year Monitoring Checklist

    Have an advisor for your program of study.

Completed Education 199: Introduction to Teacher Education, with a minimum grade of "C"

Completed forms: 1.) Academic and Professional Character Screening and 2.) Disposition Survey - to ensure that students are informed about ethical issues for teacher certification in the state of South Carolina.

    Completed a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of required course work in the General Education Curriculum, and Introductory courses in you Program of Study
    Visited the Educational Testing Services (EST) website (www.ets.org/Praxis) to learn about Praxis I

Checked qualifications for use of a voucher to pay for Praxis I, however, the Office of Financial Aid must validate the process.

Have registered and passed the Writing, Reading and Mathematics parts of the Praxis I Test.

Verified the current cost of Praxis I at ETS

    Have passed Praxis I
    Submitted a copy of Praxis I scores to the CARE Center
    Have started the documentation process with the CARE Center