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First Year Prerequisites-Part One

Students pursuing a degree in teacher education must follow their prescribed “Program of Study” and stages of the Admission and Monitoring Matriculation Process as approved by the Education Council and the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.

A. Enroll in the Appropriate Courses

First-time Students

It is highly recommended that all first-time students follow these requirements beginning with the first semester at the University. Students must follow the prescribed program of study.

Transfer Students

It is highly recommended that transfer students have a copy of their transcript submitted from the previous school to the Office of Admission for evaluation.

Following the Office of Admission and Recruitment's evaluation, the student must have the Program Coordinator of their intended major evaluate the transcript for the approval of specific courses in the prescribed Program of Study.

Enroll in the course that did not transfer or was used as an approved elective to South Carolina State University.

ED 206: Introduction to Education is required for all students. The Purpose of the course is to introduce students to the pre-requisite requirements for admission to a teacher education program.
*The course instructor should explain the forms listed below and have students complete them in the classroom setting, before the end of the semester. The forms are

  Academic and Professional Screening
  Disposition Survey

*The Course instructor is responsible for submitting both forms to the CARE Center to be included in the student's academic file.

Explanation of the Forms

The Academic and Professional Character Screening
This purpose of this form is to inform prospective candidates of the expected conduct during their interaction with students and the community. Teachers serve as role models, therefore, engaging in illegal behavior or conduct are reasons for revoking or denying certification in the profession of education. Consequently, prospective candidates must be informed that an FBI background check will occur before certification at the beginning of the teacher education program.

The Teacher Education Disposition Survey
This form is to introduce prospective candidates of the expected characteristics and temperaments to exhibit at the conclusion of the teacher education program.
    B. Take and pass all parts of the Praxis I Test

    The Praxis I Test is a basic skills proficiency assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics. It is highly recommended that students register to take all parts of the test during their first year or by the end of the sophomore year. The rationale behind this recommendation is that the test is similar to the high school exit exam, and beyond the first year, students rarely use these basic processing skills in their upper level courses.

    The test is offered in two formats: as a paper and pencil and a computer-based test.

    Paper-and-pencil skills test - It is offered four times per academic year. 

    Computer-based test
    - It is offered daily with the exception of Sunday.Students are limited to six registrations per academic year. Any violation of this restriction will result in the scores not being reported and fees not being refunded.

    C. Exemption from Test and Proposed New Score

    During the 2006 legislative session, the general Assembly adopted a revision to Proviso 1.30, which states, “…any person having attained 1100 or better on the SAT (math and reading components) or a comparable ACT score of 24 shall be exempt from this requirement.”  In 2005, the College Board added a writing test to the SAT, which makes it possible for a student to make a perfect 2400, rather than 1600. The American College Testing organization, the publisher of the ACT, has provided a comparison chart converting ACT scores to comparable SAT scores widely accepted and used by colleges and universities for admitting students.