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Letter From The Director

From the Desk of the Director:

Welcome, to the Centralized Advisement, Retention, and Evaluation (CARE) Center in the Department of Education.

You have made the first step toward your goal of becoming a teacher as your chosen profession and a change agent in the field of education. As a prospective teacher, you must begin today to empower yourself by developing essential competencies, as defined by South Carolina State University and the South Carolina Department of Education to achieve your goal.

The goal of the CARE Center is to assist students with their empowerment skills to become active participants in the process that leads toward goal attainment. Therefore, the purpose of this information is to outline the initial Admission and Monitoring Matriculation Process that leads to teacher certification. We ask that you use this information and maintain a personal file to document each stage of the Admission and Monitoring Process.

We look forward to working with you, and developing a partnership to achieve your goal, "admission to a teacher education program." If there are questions or concerns, please contact us at 803-533-3960, e-mail the director at mfelder3@scsu.edu, the Student Service Coordinator at jvoid1@scsu.edu.

Dr. Margaret Felder Wilson, Director
Ms. Jeannette S. Void, Student Services Coordinator I
220 Turner Hall, D-Wing