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First Year Prerequisites-Part Two

A. Exemption from English Proficiency Examination

Students who have passed the writing portion of PRAXIS I before the completion of English 151 are exempted from taking the English Proficiency Examination. Successful passage of the writing component of the PRAXIS I, which test grammar, usage, and writing, fulfills the University's requirement of passing the English Proficiency Examination prior to graduation.

B. Waivers

A Limited number of fee waivers are available for students meeting the financial aid eligibility requirements. The waivers are granted on a first-request and first-served basis. Students should download the form from the Educational Testing Services(ETS) website, www.ets.org/Praxis and take it to the Office of Financial Aid to be completed and validated. Then mail the completed fee waiver form along with your application to ETS within the time-period given on the application.

C. The Components of Praxis I

Test Prep information is also available at the www.ets.org/praxis website.

The Reading Test
The test consists of a series of passages ranging from 100-200 words per passage followed by questions based on the content of the passages. The forty questions (PPST) or forty-six questions (CBT) fall into two general categories: literal, critical, and inferential comprehension.

The Mathematics Test
The test consists of multiple-choice questions in five content areas; forty questions on the (PPST), and forty-six on the (CBT). A calculator is prohibited in the testing site.

The Writing Test
This test consists of multiple-choice questions, and an essay question. There are thirty-eight questions on the (PPST), and fifty-four on the (CBT).
Test Prep materials may be downloaded at www.ets.org/praxis or www.ets.org/praxis/store/html. Additional test material may be found at www.testprepreview.com/praxis-practice.htm

D. Registration for Praxis Test

Registration For the Paper and Pencil Skills Test

* By Mail

* Download the form from the ETS Website, www.ets.org/praxis
* Complete the form
* Enclose a check or money order
* Verify checking account information - insufficient funds will require an additional $20.00 fee.
* An admission ticket will be mailed to you
* Check for errors, or if misplaced, contact ETS immediately
* By calling 1-800-722-9476 or by e-mail: praxis@ets.org

* Online Registration

* Online registration is open Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–1 a.m., Saturday, 7 a.m. to Sunday, 8 p.m., Eastern Time (New York). Allow 45 minutes for registration.
* Pay with credit/debit card: American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, or Visa®.
* You must print your admission ticket and bring it to the test center. You will not receive a paper admission ticket by mail.
* Online registration is not available for test takers with disabilities or for test takers who require Monday testing or whose primary language is not English.