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The James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center (JECUTC) is required to support research by faculty principal investigators that has particular value in the education of student researchers and increasing the numbers of minorities and women entering the transportation profession. Additionally, the JECUTC produces high-quality peer-reviewed research and publishes research in peer-reviewed journals.

New Research Projects

Analyzing Road Safety Using Optimal Queries
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mrutyunjaya Swain,mswain@scsu.edu
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Kuhananda Mahalingam,kuha@claflin.edu
Dr. Somasundaram Velummylum

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Transport of Patients during Healthcare Evacuations
Principal Investigator: Dr. Tom Whitney, zf_twhitney@scsu.edu
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Kevin Taaffe, taaffe@clemson.edu

Improving Transportation Safety and Security in South Carolina: A Practical Examination of High School Students' Seat Belt Use
Principal Investigator: Dr. William Whitaker, Jr., wwhitaker3@scsu.edu
Integrated Simulation Platform for Evaluating Wireless Traffic Sensor Network for Traffic Safety and Security Response
Principal Investigator: Dr. Young Kim,ykim@scsu.edu
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Mashrur (Ronnie) Chowdhury, mac@clemson.edu
Dr. Kuang-Ching Wangkwang@clemson.edu
Project E.S.C.A.P.E
Evacuation of South Carolina's Aging Population in Emergencies: A Study of Transportation and Roadway Accessibility to the Rural Elderly in Times of Environmental Disaster

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eva M. Njoku, njokue@scsu.edu
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Innocent Nkwocha, inkwocha@scsu.edu

Safe Diving in Consideration of the Blind and Visually Impaired Traveler, R-06-UTC-SDCBVIT-HS-01
Principal Investigator: Shirley Madison, smadison@scsu.edu
Co-Principal Investigators: Eddie G. Bryant, sebryantconsulting@bellsouth.net

Ongoing Research Projects

A Safer Driving Under Poor Atmospheric Conditions by Improving the Visibility Measurements Based on Wavelet Analysis, R-03-UTC-WAVELET-MAT-01
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kuzman Adzievski
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Zlatko Zografski
A Web-Based Transportation Network Optimization Model in South Carolina, R-05-UTC-Web-Based-IEE-01
Principal Investigator: Jae D. Hong, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigators: Young G, Kim, Ph. D

Automated Traffic Surveillance Using Low-Angle Cameras, R-05-UTC-Automated Traffic-CAMET-01
Principal Investigator: Stanley T. Birchfield
Co-Principal Investigators:
Wayne A. Sarasua  and  Tom C. Whitney
Integration of Vehicle Detection System and Variable Message Sign for Traffic Management, R-05-UTC-Integration of Vehicle-IEE-01
Principal Investigator: Hasanul A. Basher
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Automated Pavement-Distress Feature Extraction and Characterization Using Machine Learning, R-04-UTC-ITS-UTC-01
Principal Investigator: Dr Nikunja K. Swain
Co-Principal Investigators: Andrew R. Tolleson

Pedal Force Analysis for Bicycling at the Onset of Fatigue, R-03-UTC-Pedal Force-PE-01
Principal Investigator: Dr. Barry Frishberg
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Leon Cohenk and Dr. Lorenzo Galleani
Powered Non-Destructive Evaluation of Transportation Infrastructures using Wireless Embedded Sensors, R-05-UTC-Powered Non-Destru-IEE-01
Principal Investigator: Dr. Abdul M. Miah
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Mohammod Ali


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