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Individual & Family Development

The Master of Science degree in Individual and Family Development (IFD) focuses on the individual, the family and the respective developmental issues and cultural perspectives that define our rapidly changing society. The academic program consists of a minimum of thirty-six (36) semester hours. Emphases are placed on family science principles, family dynamics, human development, and resources. A comprehensive subject matter examination and Thesis (or Problem in Lieu of Thesis) are integral program requirements.

The IFD curriculum is designed to prepare professionals for leadership positions in human resources and personnel divisions in business, industry, the social services, a variety of educational settings and for doctoral study. The program also provides students with competencies to empower individuals and families to enhance self-worth, strengthen human relationships and maintain essential family roles throughout the life span. Refer to Graduate Studies Program information on previous pages. You are accountable for adhering to these regulations. The IFD program offers a certificate in Human Development Consultant in addition to the Master of Science degree. Please refer to the section, Graduate Certificate Programs, in the catalog.