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Secondary Education

The M.Ed. program in Secondary Education is designed for the advanced preparation of in-service secondary school. The two purposes of the program are to provide instruction, appropriate classroom practice, seminars, microteaching, and other teaching-learning experiences to master’s degree-seeking students for the purpose of assisting them in strengthening, extending, and integrating their knowledge and skills in foundations and professional education, research and writing, as well as the content area(s); and to assist these teachers in realizing an awareness that this view of the world is not universally shared. This program offers options in biology, business, chemistry, English, industrial education, math, physical education, science and social studies.


Basic program requirements, in terms of credit hours, are as follows:
ED 500 Introduction to Data Analysis 3
ED 501 Understanding Educational Research 3
ED 545 Learning Theories for Teachers 3

II. PROFESSIONAL CORE (15 hours of the following approved by advisor)
ED 519 Multicultural Education 3
ED 524 Curriculum Development in the Secondary School 3
ED 528 Advanced Methods of Teaching 3
ED 530 Instructional Technology 3
ED 602 Research Project 3

III. COGNATE (Electives Required) 12 - 13
See content area requirements
Comprehensive Examinations 0
Total credit hours required 36 - 42

Secondary Education Content Area Requirements

Cognates and Electives for Specialization Areas in Secondary Education

Available Options

M.Ed. (Biology)

M.Ed. (Business)

M.Ed. (Chemistry)

M.Ed. (English)

M.Ed. (Industrial Education)

M.Ed. (Mathematics)

M.Ed. (Physical Education in Secondary Education)

M.Ed. (Science)

M.Ed. (Social Studies)