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The Counseling & Self-Development Center at South Carolina State University has been in existence and maintained accreditation with the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS) for over 10 years.  The aim of the center is to address the developmental and mental health needs of South Carolina State University students.  Staff counselors provide services that enable students to define and accomplish personal goals and to adjust to college life, major life events, and other concerns as they arise during students’ matriculation.  Services are provided through the following mechanisms:



Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is the primary service offered to students. Concerns that are frequently addressed include: personal goal attainment, interpersonal relationship building, social adjustment, and time management. Psychiatric and referral services are available for students with acute or chronic concerns.


Group Counseling
Groups are designed to provide opportunities for students to develop their decision-making, assertiveness, communication, and interpersonal skills processes.  Specific concerns


Psychiatric Services
The Center has retained, on a part-time basis, a psychiatrist who provides psychiatric services for students. The psychiatrist works primarily with persons who present with more severe forms of psychopathology and may require medication management.


When students present with problems that are beyond the scope of what the Center is able to provide, students are referred to other agencies or facilities which offer a greater scope of resources to meet their mental health needs.


Counseling Outreach
Counseling Outreach Services provide psycho-educational information and training to students, faculty, and staff of the university.  Programs are made available to address topics of interest and concern within the residence halls, in classroom settings, and to student organizations.


Consultation, Education, and Training
The Counseling and Self-Development Center serves as a consultant to the university community and other local agencies/institutions. A major focus of this service is the provision of interventions designed to improve the quality of campus life. The staff provides workshops/training sessions to meet specific needs of campus departments, classes and student groups. Several training modules have been developed to assist in meeting our campus community needs. Topics include: values clarification, self-esteem, communication skills, conflict resolution, suicide prevention, and managing critical incidents in the residence halls.