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Student Insurance

Research indicates the high cost of health care presents a serious health and financial burden on students and their families. Therefore, without adequate health insurance unexpected medical expenses can threaten their ability to remain enrolled at the university. The mandatory requirement for student health insurance coverage will assist students in maintaining good health which is important for academic success.

All students, undergraduate, graduate and professional (on/off campus or distance learning), taking six (6) or more hours the health insurance fees will automatically added to your tuition. However, those students with comparable or equal health coverage will be required to waive coverage at: www.studentinsurance.com. The comprehensive health coverage through AIG-Pearce and Pearce, Inc., has medical, dental, vision, mental health, pharmacy, and preventative health care coverages; it meets all Affordable Care Act Requirements. For enrollment, waive option and detailed information regarding the insurance coverage, visit the webpage at: www.studentinsurance.com. If further assistance is desired please contact, scsu@studentinsurance.com or 1-888-722-1668 or Brooks Health Center @ 803-536-7053/7055.

PLEASE NOTE: You will automatically be enrolled in the university student health insurance plan if you fail to appropriately waive coverage by the deadline each semester.

Mandatory Health Insurance


All consultation, services and medical records located at Brooks Health Center are governed by HIPAA and FERPA regulations, which prohibits the release of any information without the student's knowledge consent. The student health records are confidential. No information will be released without written consent of the student to faculty, staff, and parents. (Exceptions: subpoena and medical emergencies). As medical professionals, we understand that information about you and your health is sensitive and personal. We are required by law to maintain the privacy of information that we gather and use about you, and all of the students we serve. We will provide you with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your information. This notice describes how your health information may be used, disclosed as we as how and who can get access to this information