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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports’ mission is to provide activities and programs that enhance wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyles of students, and faculty/staff at SC State University.


The Intramural Sports Program is one of the largest co-curricular activity programs that complement the formal academic curriculum. It offers extensive opportunities to currently enrolled South Carolina State University (SCSU) students, faculty, staff and their spouses/partners to engage in a number of competitive and structured activities each year. Participation in the program is voluntary and determined solely by interest. Participation can provide one with opportunities to have fun, learn new sports, meet people from other cultures, test one's physical ability as well as offer a break from the academic routine. Team sports generally take on a league structure and a post-season tournament to determine champions. Special events range from one-day to several day tournaments. In most events, skill levels and divisions are established to allow competition for men's, women's and co-educational teams. Varsity sports athletes may not participate in the intramural sport that coin side with their varsity sport (ex. football players – flag football; basketball players – basketball; softball players – softball, etc.)


The Intramural Sports Program is a department of the Office of Student Affairs. The Intramural/ Recreational Gym (Dukes Gymnasium) contains the Intramural Office, basketball/ volleyball court, a small weight room facility, and with outdoor courts located next to Mitchell Hall for free play.




Intramural Basketball