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Office of Student Disability Services Roles

The Role of the Office of Student Disability Services

  1. To inform prospective and new students about the availability of services and how to self-identify.
  2. To meet with students who self-identify as having a disability.
  3. To maintain confidential student files.
  4. To identify the physical or academic barriers for students with disabilities.  Be an advocate for the removal of the barriers.
  5. To identify adaptive equipment, community resources, etc. for students with disabilities.  Provide information on appropriate and reasonable accommodations, and refer students to appropriate resources.
  6. To serve as a liaison between students with disabilities and faculty/staff, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and other agencies.
  7. To provide activities or resource materials for South Carolina State University faculty and staff; promote awareness about students with disabilities.
  8. To serve as an advocate for students with disabilities.
  9. To participate in community disability related committees or events.

The Role of the Faculty and/or Staff

All faculty and/or staff are required to allow and/or to provide reasonable accommodation for students with documented disabilities.

Faculty members will;

  1. Provide or permit the reasonable and appropriate accommodation(s) as recommended for each student as outlined in the accommodation plan from the Office of Student Disability Services.
  2. Meet with the student to discuss the academic accommodations that are requested or recommended by the Office of Student Disability Services.
  3. Consult with the Office of Student Disability Services for clarification of a student’s accommodation plan and or any issue(s) related to reasonable accommodation.
  4. Maintain confidentiality of student accommodation requests.
  5. Refer students to the Office of Student Disability Services who request accommodations.
  6. Consult with the Office of Student Disability Services if a student with a disability exhibits inappropriate or disruptive classroom behavior.
  7. Other than providing the appropriate accommodations, treat the student with a disability the same as other students.
  8. Consult with the Office of Student Disability Services and or with the Vice President of Student Services if any outside agency or attorney contacts them regarding a student with a disability.

The Role of Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are invited to self-identify. Students who request services must provide documentation that will support the need for services or accommodations.

The student:

  1. May voluntarily disclose his/her disability and provide current documentation of the disability, which includes a diagnosis and information regarding functional limitations.
  2. Must meet with the Office of Student Disability Services Coordinator each semester that an accommodation may be needed.
  3. Must provide the letter requesting accommodations to each of his/her instructor(s) and discuss the recommended accommodations with the instructor.
  4. Should notify the Office of Student Disability Services immediately if there are any questions or dispute about a reasonable academic accommodation request.
  5. Must comply with all South Carolina State University rules and regulations as outlined in the current South Carolina State University Student Catalog and Handbook.