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Careers in the Field Nuclear Science & Engineering

Nuclear engineers harness the power of the atom to benefit humankind. They search for efficient ways to capture and put to beneficial use those tiny natural bursts of energy from a disintegrating atom. As a nuclear engineer, you may be challenged by problems in consumer and industrial power, space exploration, water supply, food supply environment and pollution, health, and transportation. Participation in these broad areas may carry you into many exciting and challenging careers. These may include interaction of radiation with matter, radiation measurements, radioisotope production and use, reactor engineering, and fusion reactors and materials.

As a nuclear engineer, you may…

•     Develop designs for nuclear plants for electric power and ships.
•     Apply radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
•     Develop ways to use radiation to produce and preserve food supplies.
•     Operate and support nuclear energy systems to reduce environmental pollution from fossil       fuels.
•     Develop power plants to power satellites and deep space probes.
•     Develop and apply regulations to ensure safety in handling radiation sources and operating       nuclear systems.

Electricity consumption constantly rising, more countries around the world are viewing nuclear energy as a viable option for reducing the number of fossil fuel-burning electrical plants, which emit large amounts of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Nuclear energy is seen as a valuable, clean and efficient alternative to pollution-producing sources of energy relied on heavily today (http://www.nuclearconnect.org/in-the-classroom/for-students/careers).

Nuclear science and engineering has become a thriving US industry with vast potential for growth and opportunities for exciting careers and rewarding salaries.
Some of these opportunities include:

Reactor Operations                 Reactor Design
Medical Science                       Radiology
National Security                     Forensic Science
Environmental Science           Health Physics
Safety Professional