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Professional Land Surveying

Professional Land Surveying –The goal of the Professional Land Surveying (PLS) program is to support the mission of the college and the University by producing competent and well qualified Professional Land Surveyors. Students enjoy small classes that emphasize fundamental theory and problem solving. Field laboratory experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum provide practical skills, and offer extensive opportunities to prepare students to work in teams. Upon completing the freshman year, students often have sufficient experience to obtain summer employment as a survey crew member. Completion of the program qualifies graduates to take the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) exam during the spring term of the senior year. The broad-based nature of the curriculum ensures that graduates will be prepared to fulfill both the traditional and contemporary roles of the profession. Program rigor is similar to that of a traditional engineering program; however, land surveying courses cannot replace the traditional engineering core subjects.

Professional Land Surveying

•   South Carolina State University now offers the only B.S. degree in Professional Land Surveying in the State.
•   According to the State Board of Engineers and Surveys you must hold a B.S. degree in Land Surveying to receive
    Professional License in South Carolina.
•   Registered Land Surveyors are in great demand across the State and the Nation and will be for the foreseeable future
    especially as anticipate the retirement of many baby boomers over the next few years.
•   This is the right time to become a Land Surveyor and enjoy one of the best paying professions in the State and Nation.
•   For more information on how to apply visit: www.scsu.edu or contact:

Dr. Ali Eliadorani, Interim Chair
Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology and Nuclear
South Carolina State University
300 College Avenue
Orangeburg, SC 29117
803 536-7117/8858

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the Professional Land Surveying (PLS) program include but are not limited to:
•   Graduates will be able to advance professionally in their careers as land surveyors beyond entry level position.
•   Graduates will be able to engage in lifelong learning.
•   Graduates will be able to prepare for post graduate education in Professional Land Surveying or in a related field.
•   To produce graduates who can pursue career advancement by becoming registered/licensed professional land

Student Outcomes (SOs) of the Professional Land Surveying (PLS) Program
Graduates of the Professional Land Surveying Program are expected to demonstrate that they are capable or have the following skills by the time of graduation:
1.         An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and Land Surveying profession
2.         An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data
3.         An ability to formulate or design a system, process or program to meet desired needs
4.         An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams
5.         An ability to identify and solve Land Surveying problems
6.         An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
7.         An ability to communicate effectively
8.         The broad education necessary to understand the impact of Land Surveying solutions in a global and social context
9.         Recognition of the need for, and the ability to engage in lifelong learning
10.       Knowledge of contemporary issues
11.       An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern scientific and technical tools necessary for professional practice

Professional Land Surveying Curriculum

Professional Land Surveying Program and Enrollment Data
Degrees Awarded
Fall 2014