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Services Offered

Call Boxes
Call BoxThere are 14 Emergency Call Boxes are located throughout campus for your safety. The Emergency Call Box is equipped with a red emergency button on the face plate of the call box. To activate the Emergency Call Box, simply press the red button on the face plate of the call box. This action will automatically dial the University Police Department for you. After the University dispatch officer answers, please relate to the dispatcher your emergency. A University Police Officer will be on the way to your location for assistance.

Project ID
"Project ID" entails providing SCSU students, faculty and staff with free engraving for personal and University Property such as televisions, stereos, radios, typewriters, computers, etc. and a record of these personal items are kept on file at the Police Department.

Victim Assistance Program
The Victim/Advocate Coordinator provide assistance to those who have been the victim of a sexual assault or any other violent crime. The victims are assisted with transportation and escort provisions, safety arrangement, special parking arrangement, court procedures, progress of case and they are treated with courtesy, sensitivity and understanding.

Residence Hall Security
Resident Hall entrances are staffed with Contract Security Personnel or Housing Personnel. These employees are charged with the responsibility of checking identification of those entering the residences, as well as enforcing curfew, housing rules and policies.

High Visibility
In addition to the routine patrol plan of the SCSU Police Department random night and weekends are chosen in which High Visibility Patrols are implemented. These patrols are designed to exhibit a concentrated police presence in the campus frequented by the students at night. Special events on campus are also subject to this patrol along with contract security.

Safety Briefing in Residence Halls
These lectures are given by our Crime Prevention Officer or an officer designee to provide a presentation on safety tips which educate our students on Personal Safety, Residential Safety and other security measures.

Bike Patrol Unit
Members of the BPU attend a Basic Mountain Bike Course. The BPU's purpose is to participate in Bike Patrol activities such as parades, Homecoming Events, and any other events that produce congested traffic situations and large crowds along with responding to calls for assistance and deterring crime.

Internship Program
The SCSU Police Department offers internships to students majoring in Criminal Justice. This program offers the opportunity to add some practical experience to the time spent in the classroom environment.

Work-Study Program
The SCSU Police Department allows students to work within the department to help support their financial needs along with gaining the experience of working in an office environment.