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Doctor of Education

Doctor of Education

Prepare for a Leadership or Higher Education Teaching Role with Your Doctorate of Education

Would you like to lead a school system as a superintendent? Or is becoming a lecturer or professor at a college or university your dream?

South Carolina State University offers you the opportunity to earn your Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) to prepare for a top education leadership position or a career as a college or university lecturer or professor. Our Doctorate of Education is a terminal degree and represents the highest level of education and achievement in the field.

Our Doctorate of Education program—which can be completed in two to four years, depending on your experience and education background—provides you with a broad conceptual framework in education leadership, theory, and research. You’ll also complete a rigorous dissertation requirement.

With your Ed.D. degree from South Carolina State, you’ll be prepared for leadership positions in academics or research, as well as administrative, clinical, or professional positions. You may choose to direct your career aspirations toward educational, civil, private organizations, or public institutions.

Method of Instruction

Doctorate of Education Program Dissertation

As a candidate for our Ed.D. degree, you must successfully complete and defend a dissertation in the field of educational administration that exhibits evidence of scholarship in accordance with our policies and procedures. Your dissertation must meet all requirements established by South Carolina State.

Prior to preparing your dissertation, you must write a proposal to be presented to, and approved by, your dissertation committee. To successfully complete your dissertation requirement, you will be required to make an oral defense of your research report before your assigned committee(s) in a public forum.

What Doctorate of Education Job and Career Paths Will Be Open to You?

The most popular Doctorate of Education job and career paths include becoming a school principal or superintendent, or teaching at a college or university as a lecturer or professor. With your Ed.D. degree, you’ll be qualified to teach at the postsecondary level at both two- and four-year colleges and universities.

Doctorate of Education job and career paths are highly appealing, considering factors such as career longevity, attractive pay, and a strong need for education professionals who hold a doctorate.

The core research principles taught in our Doctorate of Education program can also prepare you for Doctorate of Education jobs and career paths in the private and public sectors. You may choose to pursue a career such as:

  • Superintendent
  • Assistant superintendent
  • District upper management
  • Education consultant
  • Education researcher
  • Curriculum developer
  • Education policy advocate

What You Will Study in Our Doctorate of Education Program?

Our Ed.D. program requires a minimum of 75 semester hours of coursework beyond your master’s degree to qualify for principal and superintendent certification in South Carolina.

All students admitted into the Ed.D. degree program with an Ed.S. degree in educational administration and principal and superintendent certification are required to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at South Carolina State University.

Doctorate of Education program courses include:

  • Current Trends in a Special Concentration
  • Technology in Education
  • Educational Issues Management Seminar
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Advanced Research Methods

A Superintendent Practicum Experience course is offered for students who are completing coursework leading to the Ed.D. degree and superintendent certification.