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History/International Studies

History/International Studies

Learn about other cultures with SC State’s History degree focus in International Studies

International student and nations flags

Have an interest in global dynamics? Want to know more about how the world’s cultures have developed? SC State’s Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a concentration in International Studies can meet your needs.

The History/International Studies Program offers you a view of the increasing internationalization of the world’s economic, political, social and cultural affairs. It provides you the preparation to enter graduate studies or pursue professional degrees and careers in history, political science, sociology or politics, journalism, translating services and tourism.

The program offers students the opportunity to develop skills in analysis, synthesis, research and critical thinking.

The SC State History Program has excellent faculty highly recognized for their scholarly pursuits. It offers small class sizes with a program length of four years.

What will you learn?

History course offerings in International Studies include:

  • The African Diaspora
  • European History
  • African Women's History
  • African History to 1885
  • African Since 1855
  • Latin American History
  • Foreign Languages
  • International Business
  • International Relations